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"If you want to climb to the top of the poker world, you better be a great poker generalist.

If you insist on limiting yourself to one game, you'll never make it."
"The most important
skill in poker is ability
to react to a wide range of opponents with wide ranges of styles.

Players who can do it will thrive in ring games & tournaments alike."
"By recognizing your own tendencies - and those of  the opponents you're much more likely to limit your mistakes and capitalize on the weaknesses of others
at the table."
" Sometimes, we all forget that big cards
don't always equal a
big hand and that the smart move can be to play conservatively "
"It's important to know who your weaker play- ers are. Concentrate on playing against them
and finding ways to get them to make a big mistake."
" Are your cards dead?  When playing Razz Keeping track of the dead cards allows you
to know how many remaining cards can
hurt you, and how many will improve your hand."
" Omaha is a game of "the nuts." Having multiple redraws to the nuts is better in Omaha than having the best hand at the moment.
Lay this hand down & save your chips for use in a better spot."
"  In poker, every tool
in your toolbox brings you one step closer to mastery of the game."
"I would like to see the European method of Dealing in the US.
The deck is laid flat on the table and one card
at a time is dealt with
the  dealers finger. 
This eleminates "Card Flashing" problems."
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Is this Picture COOL or What?
"Killer Poker" Author

"little poison," is a strategic antidote for learning how to Fold bad hands.
Here's what you do:

Pretend that every card in the deck from seven (or even eight) on down is poison... toxic...a threat on your life.
"You win in the long run if you're a better player, but if you don't make better decisions, it will be tougher to win.

You must know when you're not playing your best. be able to step outside of yourself."

Not only that, pretend that if even one of your cards is little, it will poison the other card and make your whole hand unplayable.

Once you use this Idea; you'll come to look at little cards in a whole new light.  6-7? Ack! Poison! Throw it away! 6-7 suited? Ack! Suited poison! Throw it away! Even little pairs are little poison if you can't play them in position against a large field. And ace-little is definitely little poison  Your Ace will be outkicked time and time and time again, and you will DIE.

Phil Hellmuth Jr
"Play Poker like the Pros,"


"The beginning section teaches patience, patience, patience! To the new players out there, Hold'em isn't black jack, you cannot play every hand!

Basically tight play works both online and in the real world...

I see the online players rely too much on betting huge amounts or moving all-in.

The bluff can have the same effect if they bet less, and it will keep the bluffer in the tournament and give him a chance to win. Also, a smaller bet has a bigger chance of being called when you do have the hand."

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Dutch Boyd

"In order to win tourneys, you have
to keep from going all-in."

How do people like Stu Unger, Johnny Chan and Doyle Brunson could win the biggest event more than once?
They must have gotten lucky...
actually, they just rarely put themselves
in a position where they were all-in. The year 2003, before my hand with Moneymaker,
I was only all-in one time during the whole tournament.   Moneymaker was only all-in one time against me.
These Folks got it Goin!!!
Funny as Heck!
Tommy Angelo
Poker Pro Coach & Columnist
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I played poker for ten years before I discovered folding in 1984.  In Las Vegas at the top of the Poker food chain, sat the folders. I couldn't get over how comfortable the folders were, with all of it, with the folding, the comments, they'd just sit there behind their tall stacks and long smiles, and muck, one more time.

Daniel Negreanu

"In Limit Holdem it's about
being very aggressive
while No Limit Holdem
is all about the trap."

If you want to win big money playing tournament poker you have to play aggressively. The key a successfully aggressive player is to be selectively aggressive. Going overboard . . . can easily turn into just being reckless.

A cautiously aggressive player will raise more; looking to pick up the blinds first; pick up the pot on the flop second; and hope to make a strong hand third.  If he gets any resistance from his opponents, he will "duck and cover" by throwing his hand away; unless he's got a very strong hand himself.

There is an old adage in poker that I think sums up that last point, "If you bluff a bad player you then become one."  Stay aggressive against the weak players but don't get caught running without the ball when they show interest in the flop.
Lou Krieger
Mike Caro
Dont play to impress opponents.

If you vary from your game you're risking losing a lot of money that should have stayed in your purse or wallet.

Sitting and waiting for an hour won't look very impressive to opponents, instead of a fancy play, But this is the way to win at poker.

One of the best times to bluff is when an opponent is staring you down, reaching for his chips, or otherwise threatening to call.

You should be  reluctant to bet a marginally strong hand into a consistent bluffer. You'll often make more money checking and calling.
Join the 'Good Hands' People: Make sure you have some idea about the hands you will play from various starting positions before looking at your cards.  

Playing marginal hands can be your undoing.
Play few hands, but play aggressively when you are dealt a good hand. Actually, you'll gain and learn as much or more by watching your opponents when not involved in a hand than by vying for pots with them.
TOOLS for Tips
while you are playing
"Sometimes you have to go out on a limb
that is where the fruit is."
Doyle Brunson
"I don't believe in hunches.
Hunches are for dogs making love".
Amarillo Slim
TOOLS for Tips
while you are playing
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on "Tiltboy"  Phil
Five Things NOT to Say at the Hold'em Table.
5.     Why didn't everybody Ante?

4.     Hey you're not allowed ro raise
       you just checked.

3.     I have two pair: Knights and Queens.

2.     This one time in a Freeroll ...

1.      I Call !
Five Things NOT to Say

at the Hold'em Table.