What is a Forum?

Just a Group of people joining together with
a common intrest. They help & advise each
other, answer questions and work together for
the common benefit.

Why do we need another Forum?

To obtain more & better benefits from sites.

What benefits can we get?

Sponsored Freerolls.
Leaderboard Prizes
Free Stuff.
Bigger Bonus'
Special Offers.

What is the Advantage to not doing it myself?

Others do the reasearch for you,  review Sites and
share the best Bonus Offers & FREE Money.

Groups can also obtain Special Offers and Freebies
exclusively for our Members.

Getting us Special FREEROLLS!
This is what I think is the Best and the purpose
of the Forum.

If you belong to Five different Freeroll Leagues;
you can get 5 times the opportunity to win
more Money in board Prizes & Tournaments.

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We're NEW

So we have to try harder.  Members will be able to earn "Treasure Points"; which will be good for Special Tournament Entry, or  Prizes.

   (For the First 50 Members to register with the Poker Forum
                              in November & make 5 Posts).

First TEN:          Will get Five Treasure Points.
Second TEN:     Will get Four Treasure Points.
Third TEN:         Will get Three Treasure Points.
Fourth TEN:       Will get Two Treasure Points.
Fifth TEN:          Will get Two Treasure Points.

Always; Everyone who joins will get One Treasure Point for Registering with Both the TREASURE HUNTER Poker FORUM
& the TREASURE HUNTER Freeroll League; (& making 5 Posts)

    You will also get 2 Treasure Points
      When you refer a "Friend" who joins the league.

New Games New Friends:  Play Team Poker with Us & (tfcl)