Unlawful Act

In derogation of the Rights of Freedom Loving AMERICANS;
The 'Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act' ; (After being attached to the Port Security Bill before Voting) received final passage in the United States House & Senate on September 30th, 2006, & was signed into Law, by the President, on Friday the 13th October 2006.
(US Breaks international Law for special interests)
Because of this new  Act, some Poker Sites have seen fit to deny access by USA Players; with little or no advanced Notice. They have done so although the actual language of the Act does not prohibit Poker; which is defined as a game of "skill" and not a game of "chance". 
There would be a minimum of 270 Days before this Law could be inforcable. The early actions resulted in a loss of Millions of Dollars from                                  Player accounts; and retained by Sites.

When Poker is exempted from the law, or the Law is officially
deemed not to apply to Poker USA Playerswill be waiting.
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#1  How Congress Betrayed US
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#3 US Breaks International Law for special interests.
US Breaks international Law for special interests
US Still in Violation of World Trade Sanctions

Antigua and Others Gear up for Lawsuit Against US. Antigua Says US Still in Violation of World Trade Organization Sanctions.

Earlier this week, the small Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda met with representatives from the European Union Commission, Japan, and China to discuss its Internet gaming case against the United States.  The larger nations are acting as third-party representatives in the country's World Trade Organization dispute with the US. They also held briefings with representatives from Brazil, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago.

Antigua and the US have both recently filed submissions on the US's compliance with the WTO's decision that the US was violating international trade agreements with its gaming policy.

Antigua maintains that the US is still not in compliance with the WTO's decision. According to Antigua's legal advisor, Mark Mendelson, there is more to this case than just gaming. He hopes the international support will spur the US to comply with the WTO's decision.

"All meetings went well. A great thing about our case is that you don't have to care about gambling at all, to be on our side on the WTO legal issues. I would say that our support with these other countries is probably quite strong.  Having them on our side on these important issues is a very great help to our case.  It can only enhance the credibility of a small country to have some of the major players in the WTO agreeing with our position," said Mendelson.

In Mendelson's opinion, the US's response to the ruling has left a lot to be desired.  The recent US Congressional actions are further proof that the US is continuing to flount the WTO's decision.

In 2003, Antigua filed a complaint with the WTO that the US's attempts to stop its residents from accessing online gambling sites violated WTO policy. Gambling services are considered commerce, and Antigua claimed that the US's attempts to stop the free trade of this commerce violated WTO agreements because the US allows forms of gambling in most of its states.

In 2004, the WTO agreed with Antigua, and in 2005, the WTO upheld its ruling after the US appealed. The WTO ordered the US to comply with the rulings or face sanctions by Antigua, but Antigua is the smallest member of the WTO and its sanctions are toothless. The US has remained virtually silent about this case.

Next week, the third parties will submit their recommendations on the case and a WTO panel is scheduled to receive a rebuttal from Antigua and Barbuda on the US's submission in three weeks. The US will then have a chance to respond two weeks later. The WTO panel will convene in November and issue a Final Ruling in January or February of 2007.
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US Breaks international Law for special interests
US Still in Violation of World Trade Sanctions
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On Friday April 15, 2011 Federal Marshal's took away the rights of Millians of Americans.
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